Competitions is one of the leading TV networks and sources of free competitions in the United Kingdom. This station started in the year 1955 under the sponsorship of ITA or Independent Television Authority. ITV was launched to heighten the competition against a rival network, the BBC. Besides, ITV is also known as the oldest running commercial network in the UK. You can view them all here: competitions – History

To understand what competitions is all about, we need to discuss first a little background on how ITV originated. You should know that ITV is different from the ITV plc, which is the firm that stemmed from the join up of Granada plc and Carlton Communications in the year 2004. ITV was formed subsequent to the formation of the Television Act 1954.



The emergence of the internet has resulted in many developments on how people can watch and enjoy various TV programs that they like. Watching TV especially your top favorite shows is now made easier with the aid of online TV websites.  But of course, watching online TV shows would require one to have a computer and a steady and high speed internet connection. There are so many TV channels to choose from. But, there is this one channel that is making a trademark in the UK watching public. This is the competitions which encompasses various topics that are relevant in the UK society. The I’m a celebrity competition is one of the most popular tv competitions as the I’m a celebrity…get me out of here show mixes reality, the jungle & real live celebrities (presented by Ant and Dec).

Why Should You Enter competitions?

We cannot deny the fact that there are numerous kinds of online competitions that are flooding the worldwide web. UK competitions are so tight in the market that even free competitions are widely held aside from the ITV competitions.

What makes competitions cut above the rest is the fact that they allow the people to play and win fantastic prizes. The contest can give away a huge cash prize or you can win a car, or even win a holiday getaway package. This is one of the reasons why a lot of UK audience is encouraged to enter in such tv competitions or online competitions like what competitions are offering.

Perhaps you are wondering why some companies are willing to give away a million dollar cash prize or other luxurious prizes. This is attributable to the fact that offering giveaway and free money on competitions is very much cheaper compared to making a full scale TV ad campaign for a certain product that are marketing or promoting. With competitions, there are more chances of winning a great deal of money and other amazing giveaway. Also, the publicity generated by the With competitions is much more effective than having product advertising campaign on television.

So, if you love to join a contest especially in online competitions as well as free competitions, entering the competitions is a great decision to make. Who knows the competitions might be the chance of a lifetime that you have been waiting for.